Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19


(A Laboratory Specimen Collection and Management System)

ATOMS facilitates the complete automation of the laboratory ordering and resulting process, from the point of physician-patient contact until sample delivery to the laboratory, through the integration of a novel software solution and physical output devices consisting of wireless hand-held devices and remote mobile printers.

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(A Server-based Web Filtering and Caching System)

Deny undesirable websites and present desirable websites to users at client computers. Store commonly used web contents locally for speedy delivery of web pages.

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(A Web-enabled Server-based Attendance Taking System for Schools)

Administer the taking of attendance of students in groups by teachers or individually by students via biometric devices, such as finger-print or facial identification device. Administer the taking of breakfast at the canteen by students on the Free Breakfast Programme using the School Pocket Money Fund.

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(A Web-enabled Server-based Time and Attendance System for Companies)

TimeSphere is a web-based time and attendance system coupled with biometric time clock devices. As it is web-based, you can check the attendance of your employees from the comfort of your home or even overseas on the move. The product is easy to use and customizable based on user requirements.

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