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(A Web-enabled Server-based Attendance Taking System for Schools)

Administer the taking of attendance of students in groups by teachers or individually by students via biometric devices, such as finger-print or facial identification device. Administer the taking of breakfast at the canteen by students on the Free Breakfast Programme using the School Pocket Money Fund.


SecureClass is an attendance-taking system with built-in Free Breakfast Programme Administration. It provides two major functions: 1) Attendance-taking: administer the taking of attendance of students. Attendance-taking can be done as a group by teachers or individually via biometric devices, such as finger-print or facial identification device, by students. 2) Free Breakfast Programme Administration: administer the taking of breakfast at the canteen by students on the Free Breakfast Programme using the School Pocket Money Fund.

SecureClass is a web-based server system that provides for anywhere-access by teachers from any computer in the school using the Internet browsers.

SecureCLASS Value Propositions

SecureClass allows teachers/administrators to take the attendance of a class using a computer located (possibly) in the school hall where all students gather for the assembly. A number of functionalities are available:

1) Administration: Administrator can assign teachers as manager or teacher users of the system. A manager as a level administrator can be assigned to administer classes in all or certain levels. Each teacher can be assigned to take attendance for various classes within or in all levels.

2) Temperature-taking: In the event of a need to record the temperature of students, temperature-taking functionality can be activated via the administration function. Similarly, teachers can record any other symptom that may have affected the school population for analysis and statistical reasoning purpose.

3) Attendance-taking: The main function offered to the teachers is that of attendance taking. Attendance-taking is a two-steps process. Step 1 allows the teacher to indicate which students are present/absent. The student contact numbers are available for teachers to call the student, if necessary. In step 2, the teacher will be shown the students who are indicated as absent for verification purpose. The teacher can also indicate the reason why a student is absent. When the attendance is submitted, a confirmation screen is displayed.

4) Edit Attendance: Teachers can also edit the attendance of students e.g. from absent to present due to students arriving late for school.

5) Edit Student Details: Teachers/Administrators can edit the demographic details of students.

6) Report Generation: An important feature of SecureClass is report generation. Reports can be generated at School, Level, or Class level. Administrator can select the filtering parameters for the report. Reports can be generated in PDF or MS Excel format.

7) Virtual Class: Administrators can create virtual classes for each level. A virtual class is a pseudo class consisting of students from the various classes in the same level. The students of a virtual class are generally grouped together because of their academic weakness. Attendance-taking for students in virtual classes are taken separately from the main classes. Their names do not appear in the main class that they belong.

8) Teaching Group: Administrators can create teaching groups. Students are grouped together in teaching groups based on a common activity e.g. Mother-Tongue teaching group or CCA teaching group, etc. Student names appearing in teaching groups may appear in the main class that they belong.

9) Free Breakfast Programme Administration: Some students who are on public assistance may be getting some money from the School Pocket Money Fund. SecureClass provides a function that allows administrator to ensure the integrity and proper administration of the fund disbursed to stall vendors that the students may or may not have patronized. Students indicate the stall that they patronize in a 2-steps process. At the end of the month when the stall vendors submit their claims, administrators can generate reports from the SecureClass system to verify if the claims are valid.


1) Manage attendance: Teachers spent much time taking attendance of students. The time could be effectively spent in classroom teaching. With SecureClass, teachers can more effectively take and update the attendance to the School Cockpit System since there is direct connectivity between SecureClass and the School Cockpit System.

2) Getting attendance information without logging into School Cockpit System: With SecureClass, teachers can get attendance information without having to log into the School Cockpit system. The web-based interface allows teachers to log into SecureClass using any computer in the school.

3) Temperature record gathering: With SecureClass, teachers can record the temperature of students and submit the records to MOE effortlessly.

4) Attendance Monitoring: With SecureClass, teachers can better monitor the attendance of students via the reports that can be generated instantly from the system.

5) Free Breakfast Programme: With SecureClass, teachers can ensure the integrity of the School Pocket Money Fund management.

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